World Map of Transfer Medicine

Explore details of some exemplary transfer services

Welcome to the interactive world map. You can find out more about the setup and circumstances in which transfer teams are working around the globe. We have a collection of services worldwide for you to explore. This is not a comprehensive representation of all available services in the region. We are hoping to receive more data in future to be able to populate the map more detailed. If you want to join please do follow the link at the end of week 4.

Week 1: Epidemiology

Here you can find all lots of interesting stuff about the population sizes that are served by each service, how many transfers they do and how far they travel and much more data. You can find out if its mainly a road based or aeromedical retrieval service. Click into the pins to find more information

Week2: Practical Aspects

Explore how the services organise their day to day work, what they use for documentation and learn from their view on packaging. This map will reveal the staff structure as well as the qualification of the doctors, nurses or paramedics.

Week4: Specialised Transfers

The map will reveal if a service is commissioned for specialised transfer like ECMO or paediatrics. You can explore if services are trained to do other specialised transfers like CPAP or prone transfer.

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